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Daily Candy -March 21, 2006

Giltter Bug

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Girls like sparkly things. 


But that doesnt mean that the object in qustion has to come in the shape of a ring. Women will take their shimmer inmost any form: tank tops, purse, even art. 


To wit: Glitter ar by DJ Carolynn Travis. Turns out Travis's talents extend beyond spinning sultry trip-hop with glimmers of funck, jazz and soul. She also greates pop painting with microfine glitter, the mother of all glimmers. 


Travs scans food and candy icons (Cap'n Crunch boxe, Twizzlers, and Smarties) then transfoms them into pop masterpieces using a combo of matte and sparkling glitter. More than 100 different corlors in her arsenal (including not one, not two, but thriteen shades of gold) enable her to achieve depth and detail in a bowl of, um, toasted flakes. 


Travis also does custom work. So if you have something in mind, shoot her an e-mail. 


Because if there's anyone who knows that all that glitters isn't gold, it's this girl. 



"Chaka has been developing her own "Glitter-ati" art style; taking glitter and glue, and making a folk / pop art explosion of Color, memory and icon, into something that (if I had it my way) would be wrapped in a POP-TART Silver soul packet and sold in soho, along side Warhol for every art collector's "Breakfast of champions". A toaster 'pop up' that is fresh and free, and in the moment... 'now'.  She has a strong passion for each of the subjects that she puts to glue and glitter. And the detail and focus of her work shows in every work of art she produces. She wouldn't do it if she didn't love it. You can tell. " 


-Frank Orrall, Poi dog Pondering & Theivery Corporation


Since 2003, Travis has been a leader in hearing conservation and education through her company - Her goal is to stop the worldwide epidemic of hearing loss.


She is the founder of Sugar Fly With Me, a DJ & Live String Collective with violins, cello and drums.  Started in 2000, Travis and her collective have played throughout Chicago and across the country on stages big and small. 


Carolynn has worked with pop/rock/soul band (15 members!)  Poi dog Pondering since 1995. From label manager to merch girl, hand claps to executive producer, Travis has enjoyed the success of working with an indie band who's longevity in the music business is unheard of save for rock giants. Since 1984, Poi has been making music and touring to a spirited audience that isn't going away any time soon.  From raves in Wisconsin to playing with the Symphionetta, Travis' love of production and making the magic raises the bar year after year. 




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